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  What do I need for Remote Access?
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Troubleshooting EZproxy cookie error
I'm getting prompted for a login and password
My login and password is not working
What is Remote Access?
You are using remote access when you use library services from a computer that is not connected to the SVC Network. To use subscription database services such as Academic Search Premier and ProQuest Research Library from a computer not directly connected to the SVC Network, you must be affiliated with Skagit Valley College.  Students must be current. For most of these services to work correctly, you will also need to: enable cookies and java in your browser and turn off popup blockers and/or allow popups within the specified web site(s). There may also be additional software plugins, such as Adobe Reader or Flash, needed to use specific online resources.

Please contact SVC Library Technical Services for additional assistance with remote authentication.

What do I need for Remote Access?

Our remote access authentication software, EZproxy, is browser independent and does not require any additional configuration for your computer. Use a browser like Chrome,  Firefox or Internet Explorer for accessing the library's resources.

If you request any resources requiring authentication that you are affiliated with Skagit Valley College, you will be prompted for your SVC email address and password. To access these resourses, be sure to go through the library website ( Do not go direclty to the database website itself  ( or

For students, log in with your student email address (first initial, last name, last 4 digits of your student id and password. For SVC employees, log in with your SVC email address ( and password. Your remote access authentication will then be valid for all resources for the duration of your browser session.

Please contact SVC Library Technical Services for additional assistance with remote authentication.


How do I access Databases from home?

Go to the library home page and search either in OneSearch or use the drop-down Search Databases list to choose a specific database.  You can get a complete description of those databases from the library website. If you are off campus, you will be prompted for your login (SVC email address) and password.

How do I access campus WIFI?

On your device, choose the MySVC network. That is the preferred network for students. It does not require a password. You can also connect to the secure SVC network. You will have to log in to your network account in order to get the password.


I'm getting prompted for my login and password

If you are getting prompted for your name and password, then your computer may have already been used to access these services through some other other web site, such as a public library or another college library. You will need to clear your browser cookies to clear the old information to be able to authenticate yourself and access these services correctly through the library home page. That can usually be done in your browser's "options" or "settings."

Please contact SVC Library Technical Services for additional assistance.

EZproxy cookie error

Both EZProxy and certain databases send "cookies" when you connect to them to verify, during your session, that you are an authorized user. If your browser reports an error receiving a "cookie ," the browser and/or your security software may need to be reset to allow cookies.

After making any setting changes to your browser, always shut down and restart your browser to make sure the changes have taken effect.

If your Network login and password is still not working for remote access, or you are using a different browser, please contact SVC Library Technical Services for additional assistance. You will need to provide your name and SID to verify your library patron record and/or be authorized for remote access authentication.


My Login/password is not working

You must be a current Skagit Valley College student, faculty, staff, or administration to use the library's licensed online resources. If you are a student, this is your MYSVC email address and password. If you are an SVC employee, this is your SVC email address and password. Be sure to type your login ID as whatever is BEFORE the @ in your email address.  So, if you are an employee it would be firstname.lastname and if you are a student it would be first initial, last name, last four digits of your student id (eg: lsmith2222).

If it still doesn't work, contact the SVC Help Desk for assistance with resetting your password. You can chat live with someone at or send an email  or call (360) 416-7770. Their hours are 8-5 pm M-F.